Butter in the Fridge?

September 16, 2007

Quotes from Simon Blackburn’s “Truth: A Guide”

“…we can also describe ourselves as people who want to know what happened, or as people who want to find the truth, and a good thing too.” – p. 164

“And only what is true explains what happens.” – p. 184


Grapples and Smart Epistemology (one more reason I love my husband)

December 8, 2006

A friend of mine invited me to lecture in his class this week and the text for the class has been “Mapping Postmodernism” by Robert Greer. One hole in the book comes in the chapter on “Foundational Realism” where Greer incorrectly paints all foundationalists as Cartesian and picks Francis Schaeffer as their representative. He then proceeds to blast the straw man. So I chose to speak on relativism in general and then more specifically address the current state of epistemology and bring Tim McGrew (strong foundationalism) and Robert Audi (modest foundationalism) in to the discussion. Wow – this was a big task and a blast. I am incredibly indebted to Becky’s wisdom and advice and her previous ponderings (not sure that’s a word) that integrate epistemology into spiritual formation. Posts and fascinating discussion can be found here, here, here and here. So I had my work cut out for me (boy do I have renewed appreciation for profs of all stripes). Audi is hard to read, but builds a strong argument. McGrew was clear and fun to read (still craving an In-n-Out burger). Fortunately, for those not inclined to shell out $50 for Pojman’s anthology, McGrew’s cogent defense of foundationalism can be found here. Read the rest of this entry »

The Holy Trinity in a Postmodern culture

November 13, 2006

I’ve been chewing on a few ideas today: the Holiness of God and postmodernism. A few days ago a friend invited me to teach for an hour on postmodernism in his course at a Christian school. I have limited time and have been thinking about a possible outline and praying about whether I should say yes. Then I rolled into Sunday school this morning, having no idea what topic we would embark on for the next few weeks (we finished a six-week topic last week) and was thoroughly delighted to find we’d spend six-weeks on the Holiness of God under the teaching of R.C. Sproul. (After lesson one, we all crawled out of class greatly impacted by the weightiness of pondering and experiencing a Holy, Holy, Holy God.)

Anyhow, later today I popped into this discussion at Dluxe’s World on how to present the Gospel in a postmodern culture (HT: TeamPyro). Apparently this question was initiated by Tim Keller. It is indeed a bit daunting to grasp the radical cultural shift in just a mere generation. So here are my two cents that I contributed to the conversation: Read the rest of this entry »