A Satisfying Saturday Afternoon…

September 8, 2007

A cup of tea (English style), jazz in the background, deciphering Blackburn’s “interpretation” of Nietzsche!

Note:  The category “Simon Says…” refers to musings that sprung from Simon Blackburn’s Truth:  A Guide.


Finally…a runner’s delight

January 23, 2007

Perfect run today.  Colorado crystal clear blue skies.  Snow covered landscape (and despite the warming trend likely to be snow covered for at least a few more days). Warm enough to ditch the outer jacket and enjoy crisp “above freezing” air!  Dry pavement and no injuries!! And no icicles hanging from the nose!!

“Stay tuned for more on this developing storm…”

January 9, 2007

Okay folks, I recently saw the above words right before blizzard #2 and blizzard (or rather very large snow storm) #3. And this is the wisdom we are now getting from local weather forecasters, or should I say weather warlocks? (Interestingly, the MS Word 2003 thesaurus includes “forecast” as a synonym for “divination” 🙂 ). I’m convinced that next to the computers that model these storms in the meteorological center is a dark closet with a Ouija board. Anyhow, time to stock up on a few essentials at the grocery store. So Becky, tell AV to sludge 40 feet (not miles) across the street to grab a loaf of bread, some yummy cheese and settle down with an engaging book or flick. Seems that I have one more good running day (I run MWF and Sat or Sun) before the yuck hits again. Seriously I doubt I’ll see the grass in my yard until March, at the earliest. Read the rest of this entry »

Blizzards, blogging, Subarus and cinna buns!

December 30, 2006

Who ever said that the internet doesn’t foster true community?  I am the very thankful recipient of this hot, homemade, fresh-out-of-the-oven, personally delivered to my house, cinnamon bun. (yes, there are eleven more to match this one)  It is the iced version of these.


Blizzard Fun – I’m 4 for 2

December 29, 2006

Well, Christmas finally finished arriving today. Forunately for me, those warm snow boots and sheepskin slippers that I ordered during the last blizzard did arrive before this one hit. This blizzard promises to be much more fun. No worries about Mom arriving safely and the clutter of Christmas is over. Now we have nothing to do but read, eat, watch the weather report (and of course catch up on a few posts to this site).

BTW, I’m currently 4 for 2. I’ve been stuck and bailed out twice now. But I’ve helped dig and push out four others. Just stroll down the street and you’ll likely run into someone who needs a little shove. The most recent pickle was when my Mom got her Texas sized (and I might add rear-wheel drive) Suburban stuck in the street -perpendicular. No one, no 4×4 or hummer monster was going in or out until we got her moving.

I finally added a few pics from Blizzard #1. Select the tab above or click here.

Update 12/30/2006:  Yippee!!!  I see the blue sky.  Our street has finallllllly been plowed.  (this is the first time since the first blizzard began).  Time for a trek to Starbucks!  I’ve added a few new picks.

Blizzards and shopping…

December 20, 2006

As of 8 am this morning I had not begun my Christmas shopping (we keep it fairly lean and practical). Is is now 2 pm. I’m still in PJs and slippers (though rather thin slippers that are not keeping my toes all tosty warm on this rather snowy day – yes I’m getting an upgraded pair for Christmas) and all or almost all of my shopping is now done. Thank-you Amazon and Amazon Prime – now we just wait to see what actually shows up before Christmas 🙂

Update:  As of 8 am this morning (2 days and 3 feet of snow later) I’m optimistic we’ll hit about 80% on delivery by Christmas.  Keeping in mind the airport is closed and has been closed  for well over 24 hours.  At least several packages are here in the city already!!  One package was scanned in Dallas at 9 pm on Wed night and then scanned in Commerce City about 4 hours later…hmmmm….

Final Update:  The UPS truck got stuck in front of your house on Friday.  Not wanting anyone’s Christmas to be “ruined” everyone pitched in to get that monster thing unstuck.  On Sat. UPS delivered about half the Amazon order – perfect!!

It’s official, I am now “cool”

December 11, 2006

On Saturday, my family left bedrock and entered the cool world of the iPod. Yes, we are no longer chasing the Joneses down the street flailing our arms, but are now the tech savvy owners of the not just cool, but ultra cool iPod shuffle (note we did not shell out the modest $79 but all the employees at my husband’s company were the beneficiaries of the owners generosity – exceptionally enjoyable Christmas party and nifty present). Now this is not just the “world’s smallest mp3/music player,” it’s an uber hip accessory that makes you feel cool (and perhaps a bit idolatrous). If you believe Apple’s marketing campaign, it truly is an article of clothing, something you would dare not be caught without. Read the rest of this entry »