Arghhh… It’s the Sock Monster

November 28, 2006

Where are you?  I know you’re in my house somewhere.  You eat socks.  You eat single socks and pairs of socks.  I’m going to find you, and get you and toss you down the disposal (if it’s working).

Yes, ladies I know all the tricks.  I can train my children to safety-pin their pairs of socks together.  I can get a special laundry bag just for the socks.  But the problem is that slippery sock monster is not in the washing machine or the dryer.  He’s lurking in the house.  I went on a sock hunt to find the dirty ones – there are none!!!  I know my children have been wearing socks but I can’t find any to wash.  Hmmm…perhaps the sock monster is in the garage….  Beware sneaky sock monster, I will find you one day!!!


A Domestic Diva’s Lament

July 11, 2006

I am not a poet, not even an amateur one and have not composed a single poem since my high school creative writing class. But since I so enjoyed Susan’s last poetic endeavour, I thought I’d toss this back:

Sitting there…in the family room,
Calling, beckoning…
Tempting me to neglect my domestic duties,
Promising a rendezvous
Of splendid delight

My solace and salvation
My book

Why bother to paint baseboards

July 4, 2006

About a month ago, I embarked on the somewhat arduous task of repainting all the baseboards in my suburban shack.  Our eleven-year old abode has been the home of two families with children and despite all attempts to clean house, those dirty, grimy baseboards rebuffed all products and attempts to clean out the grit.  The only remaining option was to trek to the paint store for a couple of quarts of “Aspen White,” which is the standard fare in this suburban morass of sameness.

Yet I was quite surprised by the enjoyment I gleaned from this rather dull and mundane task.  Painting was slow and tedious; one cannot rush the process.  And as I painted I could not help but ponder why I was doing this (and I pondered many other things as well).  Was I seeking the envy of other women whose baseboards would not glow in their beauty like mine?  Or was I simply enjoying the pure pleasure redeeming what I can in my modest home so that it is a more comfortable place for my family and friends?

But what of the bigger picture? In this carefully architected, sterile environment where mega churches are perched on the highest point with grand views of the Rockies and where smaller evangelical churches occupy many street corners or hold services in the various  elementary schools, what does the Biblical model of life look like?

I possess very few answers to questions like this, but I do know one thing (and Becky do no ask me to justify how I know this – I think it is by experience 🙂 ), taking the time to think about the big questions in life, examining motives and ruminating on how suburban life might be different is not just deeply rewarding, but necessary to live a rich life and not just float from suburban fantasy to suburban fantasy.

Only one room in my house is waiting for its cleansing with paint and brush (actually the metaphor of painting over the dirt because it cannot be removed is interesting), but I plan to return here to “Painting Baseboards” every couple of days for a few more musings, questions and maybe even some answers.   Most importantly, I look forward to your thoughts and comments on life, culture and the Christian worldview.