Finally…a runner’s delight

January 23, 2007

Perfect run today.  Colorado crystal clear blue skies.  Snow covered landscape (and despite the warming trend likely to be snow covered for at least a few more days). Warm enough to ditch the outer jacket and enjoy crisp “above freezing” air!  Dry pavement and no injuries!! And no icicles hanging from the nose!!


Peace at last!

January 19, 2007

Finally, after 6-18 months of wrangling and wrestling, worrying, deliberating, debating, praying, pouring over scripture…finally peace and wonder at the landscape before us. Yes the door behind is closed, but it’s not closed on a sad and ugly place, but on a place that also holds the wonder and beauty of the Lord at work. I have to agree with Susan “It is amazing the clarity when the decision is made to doggone do what Jesus told you to do in the first place.” Read the rest of this entry »

“Stay tuned for more on this developing storm…”

January 9, 2007

Okay folks, I recently saw the above words right before blizzard #2 and blizzard (or rather very large snow storm) #3. And this is the wisdom we are now getting from local weather forecasters, or should I say weather warlocks? (Interestingly, the MS Word 2003 thesaurus includes “forecast” as a synonym for “divination” 🙂 ). I’m convinced that next to the computers that model these storms in the meteorological center is a dark closet with a Ouija board. Anyhow, time to stock up on a few essentials at the grocery store. So Becky, tell AV to sludge 40 feet (not miles) across the street to grab a loaf of bread, some yummy cheese and settle down with an engaging book or flick. Seems that I have one more good running day (I run MWF and Sat or Sun) before the yuck hits again. Seriously I doubt I’ll see the grass in my yard until March, at the earliest. Read the rest of this entry »