Blizzard Pics


Yippee!!!  The extrodonairily blue Colorado sky is back!


Boy has the snow piled up.  But thankfully we now have blue sky and a super nice neighbor  with the snow blower has made sure we can walk from house to house all week long.


Yes, my neighbors decorations have even more snow on them.  And yes, that is the reflection of me taking the picture.


After a while the drearyness gets to you…


The pic is a bit blurry, but we’ve all been out shoveling in preparation for the onslaught of blizzard #2.


My backyard after Blizzard #1.


My neighbors decorations were very festive for Christmas with their cute little snow caps.


Random neighbors who will do anything or a good ride. Yes that is a snowboarder behind that ATV.


I took this pic while sitting in the neighborhood snow cave, right before it caved in.


Sledding Fun during Blizzard #1


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