Epistomological Pretzel…

October 5, 2006

So what is a wife to do?  My husband and I have not watched the season finale (Lost) of the second season and we did not watch the premier tonight (we will watch both with Lost junkie and brother-in-law and sis on Friday over a beet and asparagas pizza – don’t ask).  But for various reason I know something about the show that my husband does not know.  However, he does not want to know what I know, he just wants me to not know what I do know.  Hmmm…not sure how to “undo” knowledge aquisition…Becky help…


10 Books

October 4, 2006

Okay, since Becky gave me the HT and posted her 10 books, I thought I’d add my 10. I too have this habit of reading at least 4-5 books at the same time. Here is what I’ve either recently read, am in the middle of, or hope to read real soon…

1. too good to be true by Michael Horton. This is an easy read, as far as the intellect goes, but it speaks directly to the heart, reminding us not to reinvent God in our own image. Read the rest of this entry »

Sunshine for a rainy day

October 3, 2006

The grumpiness index in my life has been a little higher than normal. Seems that el nino has been hovering off in the distance, glaring at me. Fortunately my daily routing includes hitting a few of my favorite blog spots and I stumbled across Dr. G’s post on personal libraries and several commenters listed books that they are reading. As such I spanned my queue of partially read books (close to a dozen) and picked this gem up for my nightly reading. Read the rest of this entry »